Hone Hone Clock : Add spice to your blog

Many of bloggers are are finding it interesting to embed a small clock on their blog to keep their reader's track on time.
Some may feel it is worthless, since all Operating System comes with time and date widget.  So here is a cool clock to change your decision - use it to make your blog better in terms of looks.

Here is the java-script for the clock,

  1. <script charset="Shift_JIS" src="http://chabudai.sakura.ne.jp/blogparts/honehoneclock/honehone_clock_tr.js"></script>

You can embed it in Blog by placing this code in a HTML box.

For Blogger :-
Go to Dashboard > Layout
Click on Add Gadget
Choose HTML/Java Scipt
Copy the Above code and paste it in HTML gadget.

Enjoy. Now when readers come to your blog, they will be happy to find a cool clock to keep track of the time.