Choosing the Right Font

Fonts play a essential part in designing website and presentations, a simple change can make your text look more awesome.
Finding the right font for your website is very important since it is representation of your text. There are thousands of font's available and choosing the right one can be very confusing. From my experience, simple fonts are the best - They are easy to eyes and don't slow down your website.

Google Web Fonts 

Google Web Fonts is a simple and yet a very useful tool for finding font. It has a large directory of all web fonts which can be used anywhere on web - Websites, Blogs, Forums, Portfolios, etc. You can view each font in different formats - Word, Sentence, Paragraph and Poster. This ensures that you won't need a separate test to see how fonts look in different formats.

For easing the font search we can narrow the search by thickness, slant, width. Finding the Fonts can be more easy if we sort them by categories such as trending, popularity, date added,etc.

Other Popular Tools for Fonts

Adobe Edge Web Fonts 
Easy to use, but less number of font listings.
Compatible with other Adobe Tools - Plus Point Web Fonts
Huge Listing of awesome Fonts - But not a Free Service
Free plan with 300 fonts and Limited page-views of 25k

Typekit by Adobe
Same as

What are you Favorite Fonts ?

Share your Experience with fellow bloggers on your favorite font, and also share useful tips which you would like to add me up here.