Samsung officially reveals Galaxy S4 - The Life Campanion

The cellphone giant Samsung's much-anticipated phone the " Galaxy S4 " is finally here. The phone was officially revealed at a glittering event at New York's famous radio city hall.

After the success of Galaxy S3, it was very much anticipated that the new Galaxy S4 will be packed with more advance features - and yes Samsung's S4 will not upset the Fanboys.

Samsung Announced that the phone will be on sale from April 26, across 155 countries. And it is Expected that S4 will hit Indian stores in Early May.

The Price of S4 is yet to be announced but experts expect that it will be between Rs. 38,000 - 40,000. It will be priced slightly higher then the Note 2 but expected to be below 40K mark.

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Samsung's Event @ Radio City hall, New York

So what are your comments on the new S4 , will it be a Big Shot for Samsung as the S3 proved ? Join the Discussion.