Maxthon Cloud : The Revolutionary Cloud Browser

It can be tiring to move to a new browser to expect something new, but every time it's the same story - the same old features. But here is Maxthon Cloud which is sure to surprise you with it's awesome features. Maxthon first boggled over web back in 1999, and it is have received many major updates since then. Maxthon may have not got a significance popularity due to the presence of web giants like Chrome, Firefox, Opera and IE but it have been always proved to be a committing browser. According to the TechCrunch, in 2007 google offered a investment of $1 million to Maxthon.

5 useful Android Apps for Guitarists and Musicians

Discover 5 apps which are must have for a Guitarists. Below are some handpicked apps which are very popular in Android Market and a sure pick for a Musician.

Samsung Galaxy S4 - Full Specifications, Features and Price

After revealing the new Galaxy S4 in an eminent event in New York's famous Radio City Hall , Samsung is all set to kick off the sales of the new Galaxy S4 on 26 April. During the Event company called it's new phone " The Life Companion ", and yes it totally proves to be a life companion and is ready set to new equations in cellphone market.

Samsung Galaxy S4 - A Closer look to new Features

After the Samsung's grand event in New York, the company is all set to hit stores with it's new Galaxy S4 - The Life Companion. The new Galaxy S4 is packed with some amazing features which are to set new equations in the arena of cellphones and give tough fight to it's rivals - Apple, HTC and Nokia.

Samsung officially reveals Galaxy S4 - The Life Campanion

The cellphone giant Samsung's much-anticipated phone the " Galaxy S4 " is finally here. The phone was officially revealed at a glittering event at New York's famous radio city hall.

8+ Reasons Why is Awesome

Blogger is one of world's best known blogging services, and no wonder why so many Professional Bloggers rely on it. Here are the top reasons to celebrate for being a blogger user.

How to add Search Box to Blogger - with Pictures

Search box plays a important role in functioning of blog. It lets your readers to search for a specific content on your blog without leaving your blog.